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Gorbel Ergonomic Work Station Cranes

Gorbel work station ergonomic cranes are a proven way to improve productivity, increase quality, and provide a safer work environment.  More and more companies are using workstation bridge cranes to effectively solve their material handling problems and improve the performance of their business.

Gorbel benefits:

  • Increased productivity
Gorbel work station cranes help your workers work more productively than traditional I-beam cranes.   The productivity increase is possible because bridge cranes require less effort to move than I-beam cranes.  In  most applications, particularly high cycle time applications, customers are able to cost justify the ergonomic crane system with the productivity increases alone.
  • Ease of movement and positioning
Gorbel work station bridge cranes can move a load three times more easily than a traditional I-beam crane. This ease of movement and positioning results from Gorbel's unique enclosed track design, high strength-to- weight ratio, and rigid runways with anti-binding end trucks.
  • Increased Quality
Enclosed track cranes can increase the quality of goods while reducing the cost of damaged or rejected parts. Loads are so easy to move and position with workstation cranes, much of the damage that is done to the product during the manufacturing process is eliminated.
  • Improved work force utilization
Gorbel Work Station Cranes can help you reach the typical ergonomic goal in material handling: Allowing a task to be performed by 90 percent of your workers. Gorbel's pre-engineered modular kit design permits easy expansion or relocation.  The runway length can be increased by adding runway sections, free standing support assemblies and additional bridges as needed.
  • Better work force utilization
Since physical strength becomes less of an issue with Gorbel ergonomic work station cranes, you can better utilize your work force. This is especially true considering that today's work force is aging, and it is increasing in the numbers of females in industrial jobs.
  • Gorbel Automated Cranes
Gorbel's Automated Cranes fill the gap between completely manual and completely robotic materials handling solutions. Automated cranes feature encoder based fixed belt positioning and Gorbel designed drive assemblies added to standard ergonomic work station cranes. Automated cranes are built to your specifications, and come with the option for several additional features. You can choose your own components for an ideal automated turn key solution.

  • Automated crane material handling applications up to 4000 pounds total payload weight
  • Automated cranes for large multiple work cell areas
  • Automated cranes for assembly line product handling; dip tank operations; handling fragile, sensitive material; sheet steel handling; and palletizing operations
Resource Equipment, Inc. - Gorbel Ergonomic Work Station Cranes

Resource Equipment, Inc. - Gorbel Ergonomic Work Station Cranes

Resource Equipment, Inc. - Gorbel Ergonomic Work Station Cranes

Resource Equipment, Inc. - Gorbel Ergonomics Work Station Cranes

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