Equipment Suppliers

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Palamatic material handling solutions specializing in vacuum and manipulator lifting solutions ergonomic lift, grasp, and rotation

Worlds largest manufacturer of overhead material handling equipment, hoists, light overhead ergonomic crane systems, crane components, drives, controls and more.  
Light overhead monorail & bridge ergonomic crane systems, free standing & ceiling mounted jib cranes to 5 ton

Industrial manipulators: ground based, overhead & portable, end effectors, tool balancers 

J. D. Neuhaus
Air hoists from 250 pounds to 75 tons

Bishamon Workstation Lifts
Pallet trucks, pallet levelers, lift tables, turntables, skid lifts and tilters


Hoists, cranes, components, drives & controls

Pneumatic pop-up ball & pad transfers stations, conveyor transfer strips, table tops

Featuring the "FLIP-RITE" material handling system, lifting beams, pallet lifters, coil handling, tongs, grabs, articulating jib cranes

Omni Metalcraft
Gravity wheel & roller conveyor, line shaft conveyor, conveyor accessories

Pallet handling, lift tables, carousels, forklift attachments, dock equipment, carts, & more

Drum handling, unique hand trucks (steel, aluminum, magnesium), lift carts, hydraulic lifts, pallet dollies, & more

Electrical conductor systems (track & festoon), push button stations & cable

Woods Powr Grip
Suction lifters for glass, sheet metal, stone and other relatively non-porous surfaces (hand held manual to 3,000 pound hoist mounted)
End of hook lifting devices for: coils, pallets, rolls, sheet stock & drums, spreader beams, tongs, rotating crane hooks

Conductor systems, cable reel, electrical cable

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