Resource Equipment, Inc. is an ergonomics problem solving solutions supplier for the workplace, featuring ergonomic and labor saving
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material handling systems, ergonomic products and ergonomic equipment.

Put our ergonomics problem solving and ergonomic material handling experience to work for you.

Let us help you reduce workplace injuries and worker comp costs while improving through ergonomic science the material handling efficiency, productivity, quality and safety of your operation.  We have done so for many top companies and look forward to working with you.  Keeping your business and your employees safe, healthy and productive is our prime objective.

Resource Equipment, Inc. - Ergonomic Equipment

Our Ergonomic Material Handling Solutions Include:
  • Ergonomic vacuum lifters and vacuum lift systems including Palamatic, Woods PowrGrip and AIMCO
  • Ergonomic industrial manipulators including GCI and JMR
  • Ergonomic crane systems including Gorbel, Demag KBK Light Rail
  • Ergonomic hoists including Gorbel G-Force™, Demag DK and Demag Variable Speed hoists
  • Ergonomic lift assists
  • Ergonomic workstation lifts
  • Ergonomic equipment for conveying, lifting, transport and assembly

NEW EQUIPMENT APPLICATION Palamatic Move and Lift (PML500/25) has been designed to assist the operator assemble batches or order pick in warehouse and distribution centers with effortless ease making light work of heavy everyday tasks

Resource Equipment, Inc. - Supplier Partners
  • Palamatic
  • Demag
  • Gorbel
  • GCI
  • J.D. Neuhaus
  • Bishamon Workstation Lifts
  • Harrington
  • Omtec
  •  ITNAC
  • Omni Metalcraft
  • Vestil
  • Wasco
  • Duct-O-Wire
  • Woods Power Grip
  • Caldwell
  • EIR
  • etc.



Resource Equipment, Inc. - All Stainless Steel Jib Crane
REI All Stainless Steel jib Crane,
Model REI-125-10-10SS

Testimonials & Case Studies

Resource Equipment, Inc. - Used Equipment
Used Ergonomic Material Handling Equipment

We have used ergonomic material handling equipment available. For the latest information on used ergonomic material handling equipment please call us. 

We will buy or take in trade your used vacuum lifting equipment; brand names - Palamatic, VacuMove, Unimove or Anver.

Resource Equipment, Inc. - Vaccum Lifters